Our mission is simple:  We strive to help each and every one of our clients achieve their mission by providing insightful legal and regulatory advice, sharp strategic guidance, and unmatched client service.

We value every client relationship, and we work hard to validate our clients’ decision to place their trust in us.  We will work just as hard for our smallest client as we will our largest.

Our Client Service philosophy can be summed up in four words:  Commitment, Teamwork, Business, and Value.  These four concepts are the platform on which we build our services.


We believe that hard work and exceptional client service are the touchstones of excellence in our profession.  Diligent and responsive services reward our clients’ trust and earn us the opportunity to continue to serve as their lawyers.


It is one thing to be “multi-disciplinary.”  It is quite another to bring multiple disciplines to bear in a focused and efficient manner to solve problems in a complex industry.  For that reason, Drinker Biddle built its Health Care Industry practice on a foundation of teamwork.


To many of our clients, we are business advisors as well as legal counselors.  Many of our lawyers and professionals have backgrounds in health care administration and related fields.  Through our collective experience, we have amassed a knowledge base that informs every new engagement and gives us the ability to provide a frank assessment of risks and alternatives.


Legal services are expensive, and clients have the right to expect added value from those services.  We staff by objectives with the goal of cost-efficiency.  We provide intensive training to our first-year associates in our nationally recognized development program which embraces the belief that, while the best learning comes from doing, our clients should not bear the cost associated with the early learning of new associates.